Pekay W598

Pekay W598 Mosaic Wood Block Adhesive is a water-based adhesive designed for the laying of a wide range of parquet and mosaic wood block flooring.pekay-W598

Product Uses:

Parquet & Block flooring


  • Non flammable and non toxic
  • Easy cleanup
  • Rapid drying, ready for sanding within 24 hours
  • Excellent water resistance when dry

Technical Data

Product Code:   W598
Pack Size:   5kg, 30kg, 210kg drums
Spreading rate:   1 – 2m²/l
Base:   Modified Vinyl Emulsion
Solids Content:   63 ± 1%
Viscosity:   Buttery, approx 50 000 cps
Mass per litre:   1,25
pH Stability Range:   3 – 5
Solvent / Cleanup:   Water
Frost Resistance:   0°C
Flash Point:   None
Application Temperature limits:   5°C – 35°C (Do not use when temperature is below 5°C)
Shelf Life:   6 Months minimum at room temrature
Shipping Clasifications:   Non combustable; Non hazardous; Protect from freezing


Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust, oil and grease. The concrete screed must be firm and free of loose particles. Pekay W598 may not be applied to “green” concrete, as the high alkalinity reduces the bond strength of the adhesive.

Particular attention must be paid to ensuring that there is no rising damp present, as this is the cause of failure in the vast majority of cases. It is imperative that the applicator is thoroughly aware of the relevant sections of the following Codes of practice:

1)   The South African Bureau of Standards “Code of Practice 043 – The Laying of wood block floors”.
2)   The National Building Research Institute – “Prevention of Rising Damp” – N.B.R.I. Information Sheet D.I.S 59-234.

Pekay W598 is applied undiluted, by means of a notched trowel, taking care to spread evenly over the surface. Apply to one surface only preferably the screed. Stir well before use.


Bonding should occur within zero to 5 minutes, depending on the climatic conditions. Maximum bond strength is obtained using this “wet stick” method. Lay the wood blocks, rough side down, and apply sufficient pressure to unsure that the adhesive has come into contact with the entire surface (it should squeeze out slightly from the sides).

The adhesives will usually be dry within 12 – 16 hours, full water resistance, however is only attained after one week.

Pekay A658

pekay-W598Pekay A658 Polyurethane Woodblock & Flooring Adhesive is a two-component urethane-based adhesive exhibiting high tensile strength and adhesive properties. Being a filled product it exhibits good gap-filling properties and is therefore, suitable for rough and uneven screeds. In particular it may be used on screeds which contain residual dampness where conventional adhesives would normally fail.

Product Uses:

Wood including oily woods, concrete, plastic, brick, asbestos cement, vinyl, quarry and ceramic tiles.

May be safely used in swimming pools and shower floors and on floors exposed to the environment.


  • Suitable for use on “green” concrete
  • Suitable for continuous immersion in water, after full cure
  • Excellent gap filling properties
  • Easy to apply with notched trowel
  • Solvent free: no shrinkage
  • Non flammable
  • Heat resistant to 150°C
  • Thixotropic consistancy allows it to hold trowel ridges

Technical Data

Product Code:   A658
Pack Size:   Part A: 5,8kg Part B:1,2kg
Number of components:   2
Base:   Catalysed urethane
Solids Content:   100%
Viscosity:   Part A: thick syrup; Part B: thin liquid
Colour:   Part A: light grey; Part B: dark brown
Mixing Ratio:   A + B = 5+1 by weight (3+1 by volume)
Mass per litre:   1,64kg (combined pack)
Pot life:   15 – 25 minutes at 25°C
Cure Time:   24 – 36 hours
Solvent / Cleanup:   Pekay C411 Solvent when uncured
Application Temprature limits:   5°C – 50°C
Service Temprature limits:   -40°C – 150°C
Storage Temprature limits:   15°C – 35°C
Shelf Life:   Part A: 12 Months Part B: maximum 6 months in unopened containers
Packing:   Part A: 5,8kg; Part B:1,2kg
Shipping Clasifications:   Non combustable, non hazardous


Surfaces must be clean, dry to the touch and free of dust, oil and grease. While Pekay A658 can be used on damp and green screeds, the moisture content must not exceed 15%. The following method is used to check the moisture content:

Lay a piece of clear polyethylene sheet 25 x 25cm in the centre of the surface to be laid. Seal the edges to the surface using 20mm masking tape. If no condensation is visible after 8 hours laying can be commenced.

Highly porous or loose surfaces should first be primed using Pekay G657 one part polyurethane primer, diluted if necessary with up to 50% Pekay C411 solvent. Allow to dry for 3 – 4 hours before continuing.

It is imperative that the applicator is thoroughly aware of all the relevent section on the following codes of practise:

1)   The SABS code of Practise 043 – “The laying of woodblock floors”.
2)   The NBRI Information Sheet DIS 59-234 – “Prevention of rising damp”.


Add the contents of the “B” component to the 5lt bucket containing part A while mixing thoroughly with a stick. Stir until the colour is uniform.

After mixing, the pot life is approximately 15 minutes and the contents must be applied to the substrate within that time. Apply Pekay A658 with a serrated trowel.

1)   For mosaic woodblocks and ceramic tiles apply adhesive at the rate of 8 sqm per pack.
2)   For other applications a spread rate of 16 sqm per pack should be obtained.

Wood blocks, tiles, etc, must be laid from 5 – 20 minutes after the mixing of the adhesive. In conditions of extreme humidity the “open time” should be reduced to 15 minutes. Tap with a rubber mallet to ensure adequate contact.

Mosaic woodblocks can be safely sanded within 24 hours.

Pekay GB690

pekay-W598Pekay GB690 is a moisture cured glue with elasticity and applied in conjunction with Pekays Jayco Seal moisture barrier.